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Surly bikes stand for a no-nonsense approach to shaping metal. Surly is the driving force behind the  “steel is real” movement, making everything on two wheels tough-as-steel and producing extremely durable bikes. As "hard and tough" as Surly sounds, they still give a lot of thought to producing a comfortable, responsive ride at the right price. Every Surly frame and fork is 100% 4130 CroMoly steel—never titanium, carbon fiber, or aluminum. As the brand name implies, you won't find any sissy colors with these bikes. With Surly, you'll see the same shades as those that get deposited on your tires—like brown, green, or black. Everything about these bikes is hardcore.

If you're into building your own bikes, Surly actually sells more frames than completed bikes. For instance, the versatile Cross Check often becomes a touring bike, but can easily be outfitted with mountain bike hubs and fat tires for trails or be used to get to work. Surly also offers a bike that’s specific for touring called the Long Haul Trucker. There’s happens to be a Long Haul Trucker Owners’ Group website and a Cross Check Owners’ Group website where owners wax eloquently about their trusted mounts and thank Surly for making them. The Karate Monkey model, with its 29” wheels that roll smoothly over the roughest terrain, is also popular because owners love it for its ability to stand up to any kind of abuse. Newer to the Surly line is the Big Dummy, which is able to cart 400 pounds! Check out Surly bikes here at Bike Attack’s bike shop's website.

Note we can not ship Surly bikes. Surly has strict policies regarding this and enforces the retailer only to sell their bikes fully assembled in store.

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