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Bike on Bike Accidents - What to Do

Bike on Bike Accidents - What to Do

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The number of cyclists is increasing because more and more people are becoming eco-conscious and green. This is great for the environment and cycling enthusiasts everywhere. However, some of us are starting to crash into each other. What happens when there's serious injury or damage and how do we prevent ourselves from getting into bike on bike accidents?

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Each state and city's laws differ when it comes to cyclists on the road. You must adhere to the laws of the state you're in, so if you're planning a cross country ride, make sure to read up on the state/city's traffic laws you'll be crossing into. 

Here in California, cyclists are expected to exercise the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. Also in California, if you are caught inebriated or otherwise under the influence of a substance while you are riding a bicycle, you could be charged with cycling under the influence. 

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Traffic laws must be obeyed by cyclists, there is no exception. This is so other motorists and cyclists know what to expect of you and that you are aware of the traffic conditions. 

If you are in a bike on bike accident, what do you do? Well it's very similar to what you'd do if you were in a car accident. 

  • Assess the situation for any major injuries or physical danger
  • If there are major injuries or physical danger, immediately contact 911 (or the appropriate emergency services in your country)
  • Move both parties to a safe area away from oncoming traffic.
  • Exchange contact information
  • If you have any relevant insurance information, make sure to exchange that information as well.
  • If need be, contact local police to take a report, especially if there is significant property damage or fi any laws have been broken. 

Homeowners or renters insurance might cover a bike on bike accident but you will have to check with your specific contract. Auto insurance generally does not cover bike on bike accidents. 

Ride safe, ride hard! 

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