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Tips on Choosing Bike Shoes

Tips on Choosing Bike Shoes

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Bike Shoes
Tips on Choosing Bike Shoes

You put care and effort into choosing a helmet with the right fit, the right clothing, and absolutely care into choosing the right bike. Now about those kicks. Tips on choosing bike shoes. Biking can be done with almost any type of shoe, but to enhance performance, you'll need the right shoes.

As you know, there are different types of bikes, each type have shoes that are specifically designed to perform with the bike to optimize your ride.

Sizing is important because comfort and usage are key in determining performance. You should always try on the shoes and see if your toes have enough wiggle room, that the shoe is supporting all parts of your foot and that it is a comfortable, snug fit. The rigidity of some of the different bike shoe types will take getting used to, since walking shoes are made to be much more flexible.

Road Bike Shoes

You'll want a smooth shoe outsole, very stiff soles, and cleats that protrude from the sole. This is so the shoe fits not just your foot, but also the pedals that come on road bikes, generally a 3-hole pedal style.

Road bike shoes are meant to transfer power to your pedals. this is why they are lightweight, have good ventilation and have very stiff soles. The lighter the better and the stronger and more rigid the sole, the easier it will be to perform. Road bike shoes are not meant for walking, so definitely bring your regular kicks to switch out.

Mountain Bike Shoes

You'll want lugged outsoles, stiff soles, and a cleat style that is recessed into the sole. Pedals that come with Mountain and City bikes are typically 2 holes pedal styles.

Mountain and City bike shoes will be much more flexible than Road Bike shoes, and are designed to handle walking on trails. With most sports designed shoes, lightweight is the route you wanna go, with a secure strap or lacing system for security. Mountain bike shoes can be used for the casual road biker, touring and indoor cycling.

City Bike Shoes

You'll want a durable shoe that has a balance of flexibility and rigidity to handle walking and both indoor and outdoor cycling. Of the types of Bike Shoes, City Bike Shoes are going to be the most compatible with recreational cycling. Rubber outsoles and recessed cleats should be what you are looking for.

Laces, Straps, Notched cam straps with buckles

Laces provide the most customization when it comes to fit and comfort. However, it is the most complicated and variable of the shoe closure styles. Getting caught, dirty, and wet are some concerns to look out for.

Straps that are of the rip and stick types are stable in any type of condition, whether dry or wet. Straps provide quick closure and easy adjustment.

Notched cam straps with buckles are the most secure.


Your cleats need to be replaced if they are worn down too much. You'll be able to tell if the cleats are too worn if you start to slip off the pedal more often. How often you change cleats depends on your riding habits. Infrequent riders could go between cleat changes up to 5 years, or you could change as frequently as every year.

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