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  • Bianchi | Specialissima Frame Kit | Celeste/Black Glossy

    Bianchi Bicycles

    Bianchi: Specialissima Frame Kit


    Bianchi: Specialissima Frame Kit The Specialissima frame kit is a lightweight road frame from Bianchi that is perfect for flying uphill and provides you with great control in the descents.   FEATURES MAKE IT SPECIAL WITH TAVOLOZZA Bianchi has a...

  • Bianchi | Volpe | Steel Road Bike

    Bianchi Bicycles

    Bianchi: Volpe


    Bianchi: Volpe Bianchi’s Volpe is a popular steel road bike with all the features for a comfortable ride and commute.   Long distance road rides. Gravel road excursions. City commuting. Loaded touring. Rail trail adventures. Neighborhood...

  • Felt | Breed 30 | Gravel Cyclo Cross Bike


    Felt: Breed 30 - 2020


    Felt: Breed 30 - 2020 Application Gravel   We are at the dawn of a new era in riding bikes, one where fun is the journey, freedom is the destination, and adventure is no longer limited by equipment, but rather by one’s sense of adventure...

  • Felt: Broam 30 | Gravel Road Bike


    Felt: Broam 30 - 2020


    Felt: Broam 30 - 2020 Application Gravel   Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Meet the Broam, our most capable road bike ever. It’s an all-purpose, drop-bar beast, one equally at home on pavement, dirt trails, and...

  • KHS | Grit 110 | Road Bike | Black


    KHS: Grit 110


    KHS: Grit 110 The Grit 110 is a road bike from KHS that features a lightweight alloy frame and carbon fork, for a responsive ride and mechanical disc brakes that will have you riding in confidence.   SPECIFICATIONS Frame Alloy 6061...

  • Marin | DSX 1 | 2021 | Grey/Blue


    Marin: DSX 1 - 2021


    Marin: DSX 1 - 2021 Marin's DSX 1 is a flat bar gravel bike that features a lightweight aluminum frame, and carbon forks with large tire clearance, low standover, and hydraulic disc brakes that combine to make a comfortable ride with a heads up riding...

  • Marin | DSX 1 | 2021 | Brown/Yellow


    Marin: DSX 2 - 2021


    Marin: DSX 2 - 2021 The DSX 2 from Marin is the mountain biker's gravel bike that features a familiar hand positioning, reliable drivetrains, large tire clearance, and dropper post routing for better off road control, and on road descending stability...

  • Masi | CXGR Supremo | Road Bike | 2020 Blue


    Masi: CXGR Supremo - 2020


    Masi: CXGR Supremo - 2020 Gravel Road Gravel isn’t just a surface, it’s a state of mind.  A willingness to leave the manicured pavement behind and search for what lies beyond.  There are vast swathes of land underserved by...

  • Masi | Giramondo 700c | Gravel Bike


    Masi: Giramondo - 2020


    Masi: Giramondo 700c - 2020 Adventure Masi adventure bikes let you take on any path you desire, whether it be the bike path to the office, or that ribbon of single-track winding into the woods. Adventure riding is about freedom; the freedom to...

  • Masi | Speciale Randonneur | Cylcocross Bike | Pewter


    Masi: Speciale Randonneur


    Masi: Speciale Randonneur Adventure Masi adventure bikes let you take on any path you desire, whether it be the bike path to the office, or that ribbon of single-track winding into the woods. Adventure riding is about freedom; the freedom to ramble and...

  • Masi | Tavolo Claris | 2021


    Masi: Tavolo Claris - 2021


    MASI TAVOLO Claris | 2021 Application: Gravel / Cyclo Cross   It's the same reasoning behind our Tavalo line of gravel bikes, starting with the Tavalo Tiagra. Simply and purposefully built, from the GRX drivetrain to the no nonsense ride that...

  • Masi | Tavolo GRX | 2021


    Masi: Tavolo GRX - 2021


    MASI TAVOLO GRX | 2021 Application: Gravel / Cyclo Cross   The sharing of a humble tavolo wine over a good meal with friends can turn a routine meal into a lifelong story. In the same way, the Tavolo GRX can transform a daily ride from ordinary...

  • Orbea Electric | Gain D30 | 2021 | White-Grey (Gloss)

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea Electric: Gain D30 - 2021


    Orbea Electric: Gain Road D30  - 2021 Custom order to be made in Spain.   The Orbea Gain D30 is an electric road bike that was designed to enhance your ride. The Enough Power and Enough Energy concepts result in an exceptionally lightweight,...

  • Orbea E-Bikes | Gain M20i | 2020 | Blue/Red

    Orbea Bikes

    Orbea Electric: Gain M20i - 2020


    ORBEA ELECTRIC: GAIN ROAD M20I - CARBON ELECTRIC BIKE - SHIMANO DI2 - 2020 Custom order to be made in Spain. BIKE ATTACK is happy to showcase the newest electric carbon fiber road bike from Spanish maker Orbea: The Gain M20I carbon eBike with Ultegra...

  • Scott | Addict Gravel 10 | Road Bike


    Scott: Addict Gravel 10


    Scott: Addict Gravel 10 Scott’s Addict Gravel 10 is a road bike that has been set up to allow you to ride any road and in any weather condition. With its lightweight HMX Carbon fiber frame, Syncros components, some rugged Schwalbe G-One tires and...

  • Scott | Addict Gravel 30 | Road Bike


    Scott: Addict Gravel 30


    Scott: Addict Gravel 30 The Addict Gravel 30 is an excellent road bike from Scott that features a lightweight Carbon frame and Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes to help you ride any road in any weather condition.   ROAD BIKE - GRAVEL/CX T'was not so...

  • Scott | Speedster Gravel 30 | Road Bike | Cyclocross


    Scott: Speedster Gravel 30


    Scott: Speedster Gravel 30   The SCOTT Speedster Gravel 30 is your one stop do-it-all shop for when the path gets less travelled. With a Shimano drivetrain, some rugged Schwalbe G-One tires and Syncros components, the Speedster Gravel 30 is well...

  • Surly | Cross-Check | Mule Mug


    Surly: Cross-Check


    Surly: Cross-Check The Cross-Check is a versatile road bike from Surly that is tough-as-nails as it performs astonishingly well on any surface.   There is no such thing as one bike that can do it all, but Cross-Check comes pretty damn close...