Cycling to Save the World - Earth Day 2019

Posted by Bike Attack on Apr 20th 2019

Monday, April 22, 2019 is Earth Day. Many are celebrating Earth Day by bringing awareness to how we can contribute to doing our part to save the environment. Every. Gesture. Counts. Choosing to use a reusable aluminum water container instead of single use plastic bottles, choosing to use sustainable products, simply being more conscious of waste, every gesture counts. The gesture we're here to talk about today is cycling. You being a cyclist is more impactful than you may know and here is how.     Fossil Fuels  No more fossil fuels- cycling just a 5 mile commute …
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5 Reasons Biking is Just Better

Posted by BikeAttack on Feb 2nd 2016

There, we said it. Here's 5 reasons biking is just better.Good for the EnvironmentBiking is a better form of transportation. It's a more clean, eco-friendly means of transportation. While automobiles pump billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, biking produces none. This means you can rest assured knowing that you aren't contributing to the global warming and air pollution.ParkingMany malls and shopping centers have special parking areas designed specifically for bikes. And best of all, these parking spots tend to be located near the front of the store(s), just …
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The Intriguing Opportunities Offered By Utility Bikes

Posted by blogbike on Mar 5th 2014

The functionality of Utility Bikes is increasing their popularity in certain situations. Bicycle messengers have proven to be a key resource for companies that need to deliver packages quickly in crowded cities. Smaller, more maneuverable bikes can navigate through city traffic easier than cars and other types of delivery vehicles. This means bike messengers are often faster than those who drive. However, those with a package larger than a regular document will not be able to take advantage of traditional bicycle deliveries.Unique Benefits Of Custom Delivery BikesThe Intriguing Opportunities O …
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