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​All about Mountain Bikes

​All about Mountain Bikes

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Bianchi: Kuma 29.2 - 2018

If you haven’t tried mountain biking as yet, you are missing out on something that could potentially transform your life. Mountain biking is a cult phenomenon in the United States and has been so since the late-1990s. It was during this time that people started becoming more health conscious.

There was a heightened awareness of the dangers of obesity and just sitting on a couch, watching football on TV, waiting for the pizza to be delivered was no longer considered an acceptable way of living. Biking was the perfect exercise for everyone, and nothing came close to the intensity of mountain biking.

Why Go Mountain Biking?

There is something really majestic about the mountain bike. It is the sturdiest of all bicycles, with powerful brakes, an upright riding position, hardcore tires and wheels that are tough enough to take you absolutely anywhere and gears that can get you up any steep incline.

Why ride a mountain bike?

For one, it’s a lot of fun. Remember how it was like back when you were a kid when you used to ride a bike in the woods with a friend? There was a hint of danger in that as you could have fallen any time, and certainly your mom wouldn’t have approved – which made it all the more appealing.

It’s the same with mountain biking when you’re much older, except you won’t have to worry about upsetting your mom anymore! Mountain biking is incredibly intense and you will never have an easy moment as long as you are riding through a particularly tough terrain or hard to access place.

This will keep your heart beating at its fastest and you will have a rush of adrenaline that gives you a real high. You will become absolutely fearless and will have the courage and the stamina to take on any physical or mental challenge.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

If you are going to go mountain biking you should know about the different types of mountain bikes.

Marin: Nail Trail 6 - 2018

Trail Bikes – Trail bikes are the most common mountain bikes which have a suspension at both ends and feature an upright riding position. The handling on these bikes is quite easy. The wheels are of 29-inches and you won’t have much trouble riding downhill on these bikes.

Scott: Scale RC 900 Pro - 2018
Cross-Country Bikes – Cross-Country bikes are light, long and slightly on the lower side. They feature a light carbon fiber suspension and because of their light weight are very fast when you’re riding downhill. They are ideal for a cross-country bike race.

Scott: Scale 720 - 2018

Hardcore Hardtail Bikes – These are bikes that have a tough and rigid frame, shallow head angles, long travel forks and are perfect for riding in wet conditions.

SE Bikes: Fat Ripper 26" - 2018

Fat bike – Fat bikes have massive tires, four to five inches wide and they are perfect for riding in a snowy terrain such as in Montana or Alaska.

Free Agent: Ambush 24 - 2017

Dirt jump bikes – Dirt Jump bikes are incredibly tough mountain bikes with powerful short-travel forks and low-hung frames. They are the sort of bikes used by the best mountain bikers to perform spectacular stunts.

Marin: Attack Trail 8 - 2018

Enduro Bikes – Enduro bikes are a sort of mountain bike is capable of taking you up an incline and rides fast downhill as well. These bikes are used by the riders participating in the enduro competitions. 

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