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  • Addmotor Electric | MOTAN M-70 L7(R7) | Black


    Addmotor: Motan M-60 L7 (R7)


    Addmotor Electric: Motan M-60 L7(R7) - 48V - Fat Tire Electric Cruiser Bike Addmotor M-60 Electric vintage bike at Bike Attack Electric, Santa Monica.   Review from   Specifications Size: 20 Inch Watts:...

  •  Addmotor Electric | Motan M-330 | Electric Trike | 2019


    Addmotor: Motan M-330 Electric Trike


    Addmotor Electric: Motan M-330 Electric Trike Addmotor MOTAN M-330 Electric Trike Tricycle 500W - 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle Cargo - 20 Inch   This fat tire, electric trike has convenient storage, you can use it for transport or you can use it...

  •  Addmotor | Motan M-360 | Electric Trike | 2019 | Orange


    Addmotor: Motan M-360 Electric Trike


    Addmotor: Motan M-360 Electric Trike Newly designed for 2019 is the Motan M-360 Addmotor. This is an outstanding recumbent bike, providing a more stable and comfortable ride for moderate exercise and cruising...

  • Addmotor Electric  | Motan M-550 | Electric Fat Bike | 2019


    Addmotor: Motan M-550 Fat Bike


    Addmotor Electric: Motan M-550 Electric Fat Bike This Fat Cruiser electric bicycle comes with a powerful 500W motor and 11.6AH battery.   ADDMOTOR MOTAN M-550 ELECTRIC BIKE FEATURES* MOTAN M-550 electric bike comes packed with 500 watt hub...

  • Addmotor Electric | Motan M-70 R7 | Black


    Addmotor: Motan M-70 R7


    Addmotor Electric: Motan M-70 R7 The Motan M-70 R7 is a powerful electric cruiser bike inspired by the 70's vintage look of the Super 73 bikes. The MOTAN M-70 is a high performance eBike and has a long range of battery power. It comes with a...