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Bike Attack New Years Resolution Recommendations for 2018

Bike Attack New Years Resolution Recommendations for 2018

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What are your 2018 New Years Resolutions? We've got some suggestions for cyclists who want to up their game in the new year. 

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Power Up

The rule is the same for anything on wheels: more power = more speed. Focused workouts, strengthening your core, weight training and never skipping leg day is going to speed up your process to getting more power. Expand your cycling world with all this new power by trying out mountain biking, track racing, the world of fixies- the possibilities are endless. 

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Plug In

In this new digital age, everything is amplified if it's plugged in. Electric bikes, for one, makes commuting a reality for many people who otherwise might not consider biking to work. E-bikes make it possible for those of us who might not yet have 'powered up' (see above) to take longer rides, turning a recreational purchase into an investment. 

It's not just ebikes that are part of this 'plug in resolution'. Activity trackers can collect data that inform you not just on your mileage, also on your health. Whether it's putting the pedal to the metal (there's gizmos that'll play you metal music, if that's what you're into) or whizzing by on your e-bike, join the future and plug in. 

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Whaaaaat? Leave the comfort of your car and face the elements on a bike? Aside from leaving a smaller carbon footprint, helping the environment, not contributing to global warming, we've got some purely selfish reasons for you to reconsider your means of commute. 

Let's do a little math: 

How many hours do you work per week? How many hours do you sleep per week? 

This leaves how many hours that are truly yours to spend doing- whatever YOU want to do? 

Now, how many hours do you spend working out/cardio? Imagine you commute by bike. Those hours are cardio hours. Now you don't have to take a chunk of your personal time because look! It's raining hours! Do what you want, like you were meant to! 

Just an actual Saturday Morning Ride with Bike Attack

Sign Up

Century ride, triathlon, peloton (maybe?), charity ride, meet up, cycling club, sign up.  For something, anything. 2018 is the year you make new friends with like minded interests. Or you come out of it with interesting stories about experiences with interesting people. If you're in Southern California, Bike Attack Playa Vista hosts rides almost every weekend! We ride up and down the pacific coast from Playa Vista to Santa Monica, and you are always welcome to join. We're a pretty nice bunch. Sign up and we'll prove it to you. 

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