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Coaster Brakes VS Disc Brakes VS No Brakes

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Bicycling is one of the most favorite pastimes of the people today. It helps a lot to maintain the fitness and health of an individual. Meanwhile, to make the most out of your cycling experience, you should know the difference about its brakes.

To mention a few, you can opt for coaster brakes, disc brakes or even without brakes. To further guide you, the following are the differences among these types of brakes.

Coaster Brakes

This type of brake is used by simply rotating the pedals of your bike in a backward position. In addition to this, coaster brakes is the most recommended brake for children. It is considered as the safest and natural transition for cyclists of all ages.

Moreover, the good thing about the coaster brakes is that it only requires less dexterity, strength as well as skill in order to operate. It is very easy to implement, so you have nothing to worry about it when you are riding on the road or in your playground. As a matter of fact, it can be properly operated by a child, if they will only be guided with an elder. In addition to it, coaster brakes is also highly recommended for those riders that have a handicap. It offers a safe and easy backup.

Disc Brakes

When you are a certified biker, then you can also opt for disc brakes. Most of the riders choose this type of brakes because it can offer them with more power. With it, you can have more control and attain peace of mind when it comes to your safety in the road.

Moreover, another great thing about disc brakes is that it is still very useful all kinds of weather. As a result, you can have the chance to remain safe while having fun and excitement with your colleagues. However, disc brakes are heavier in weight as well as less aerodynamic compared to other brakes.

The use of disc brakes can provide you better performance and offer you with a nerve wracking riding experience that you are actually looking for. With this type of brakes, you can enjoy riding in all types of weather.

Furthermore, the maintenance of disc brakes is easy. You just have to apply discipline and patience in order to keep your disc brakes on its top condition. With this, you will continually enjoy your bike ride experience.

No Brakes

When you choose to ride with no brakes, then there is a high possibility that you might involve in accidents. Thus, you can have no power and control while riding with your bike. In addition to it, you are also breaking the law.

To sum it up, you should always choose the best brakes that highly match to your skills and age. Even more important, it is also needed to ensure your safety and protection while riding with your own bicycle.

You should always take safety precautions so that you can well avoid possible problems that you may get

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