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It's Officially Fall on Thursday, September 22

It's Officially Fall on Thursday, September 22

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Summer is coming to an end and Summer 2016 has officially been listed on record as the fifth hottest year in the last 122 years. It's officially Fall on Thursday, September 22, which means much cooler weather and definitely a favorite season for cyclists.

Layering, Joints and Jams

What should you do differently as a cyclists during the fall season? For one, dressing appropriately for the weather is the most obvious change to be made. Layering is the key to being prepared. Some fall days may feel like remnants of summer and some fall days may have weather that's wet, cold and windy. So here's our first fall advice: keep your joints warm. This means leggings, mid to long length tops and gloves. When you're out cycling, your joints will be doing all of the work and you definitely want to keep them in the most optimal condition. Skull caps are recommended, especially if you're cycling at high speeds in cold weather, you'll want your head to stay warm.

Watch Out for Road Debris

Fall weather affects nature and there's going to be wind, rain and a lot of nature. Tree leaves will start falling in abundance, rain will loosen roads and rocks and winds will make a mess. Be on alert for road debris, wet areas and road slicks.

Be Noticeable

Make sure your bike is equipped with a front bike light and rear light, and that the lighting is visible from at least 500 ft away. You'll want to wear your reflective gear (we recommend always wearing reflective gear when cycling)  especially during fall and winter months if you're out cycling during dusk or in the late afternoon and at night. Since the days are shorter during these seasons, more drivers are out when it's dark and you'll want to be seen.

Now get out and ride!!


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