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Bike Trends in the Cycling World 2016

Bike Trends in the Cycling World 2016

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A look at what we've noticed in bike trends in the cycling world 2016.

Bianchi Volpe Disc Brakes

1. Disc Brakes: Road and Race Bikes

This year the number one trend is disc brakes on road bike models and race bikes. Since bike tech is ever improving, compatibility with disc brakes on different road bike and race bike models is much more common. Bianchi has done this beautifully.

2. Wider Wheels

25mm tires are now the norm for road bikes. Why? More grip, better rolling resistance, increased comfort, and easier handling at high speeds. Coupled with the trending disc brakes, and you've got a road bike that has power and handling to match.

Scott Foil Premium Aero Bike

3. Aero Bikes

Common in the pro cycling arena, aero bikes are making their way into the consumer arena. Why? They're lighter, you go faster, easier to ride into wind, higher quality ride, stiffness for better forward momentum, also their sleek designs turn heads. For those of us who like to take cycling to another level, the aero bike trend is nothing but good news. Check out specs: Scott Foil Premium

4. Power Meters

Training with power meters is a key component to measuring progress for cyclists. Swimmers and runners can measure their training progress through timed laps, however a bit more goes into cycling than just measuring time and distance. The power meter measures power output created by the work the cyclists puts in, in order to overcome gravity, tire resistance, air resistance, etc. Cycling as a fitness sport is more technologically advance and now the power meter provides a way to directly measure cycling fitness.

Marin Attack Trail Pro Carbon Tubeless Ready

5.  Tubeless Ready Tires

We know, we know, tubeless tires are nothing new, but this is about what's TRENDING and tubeless ready bikes are doing it in a big way. One of the major reasons is people are tired of fixing punctures. Lazy? Maybe. Does it affect performance? Not really. Another benefit? No inner tube means less weight. Also, options! Marin's Attack Trail Pro Carbon does a not too shabby (understatement of the week!) job of it. 

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