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Bike + Stairs = Fail (Sometimes)

Bike + Stairs = Fail (Sometimes)

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Bike tricks are...tricky. A lot of you out there are daring and adventurous, we applaud you for that. Just know that it's incredibly dangerous (although often funny) when people attempt to mix riding their bikes and stairways. 

  1. Indoor stairs, outdoor bike, a whole lot of fail.

  2. Outdoor bike, outdoor stairs, and...more stairs...

  3. What did he intend to do, do you think? 

  4. Catch!

  5. No sir, riding your bike down the stairs won't get you to work any faster. 

  6. This is why you should always wear safety gear. 

  7. Riding a bike down stairs have proven to be disastrous. We also don't recommend riding Mike down the stairs either. 

  8. Spike doesn't recommend riding the stairs either!

We do not recommend trying any of these. In fact, do not try any of these at home or elsewhere. 

If you're going to practice tricks on your bike, do so safely at a skatepark and always wear safety gear. Beginners should always be under supervision. Riding your bike in any manner other than what a bicycle is intended for is always at your own personal risk and safety. 

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