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7 Sins of Cyclists

7 Sins of Cyclists

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Your instruction manual probably doesn't come with these common "sins" cyclists make on the regular. Want a list of how to avoid being a terrible bicycle owner? Here you go!

  1. Not Checking Your Bike Before You Ride
    Air? Lube? Weather conditions? Brakes? Front/Rear wheel quick releases? You need to check your bike and your gear before you set out on your ride. You could be avoiding some nasty headaches further down the road. Making sure you've got all the right gear and your bike is in condition to suit your ride is not just making sure all your ducks are in a row, it's also to ensure your safety.  
  2. Suit Up - The Wrong Way and the Right Way
    Gear Gear Gear, get the right gear! Not just the gears on your ride, the gear you wear is SO important for your safety. Sure, long pants, long skirts make for a great Instagram opportunity, but you know what doesn't make for a great pic? Bloody ankles and fabric caught up in your chain. Wear a helmet folks, it's all about your safety. They haven't made airbags for bikes (yet) so wear clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions on your ride, proper shoes for cycling, helmet, eye protection and everything else that you might need on your ride. 
  3. Over or Under Inflated Tires
    This is where people need to always be at a happy medium. Under inflated tires are slower, some people believe they provide more traction, but at what cost? Over inflated tires causes more wear and tear on EVERYTHING on your bike. Happy medium folks.

  4. Neglecting Security
    That's cool that you got your cheap chain at a bargain bin store for $4. You know what's not cool? When you've got to file a police report for your stolen bike. Secure your bike with a proper lock at a proper bike rack. Also, PROPERLY SECURE YOUR BIKE! Bike thieves will take everything but the wheel and you'll be kicking yourself for neglecting to secure your actual bike. Use multiple locks if need be. 

  5. Consult the Pros for Service and Maintenance
    Go to a proper bike shop (like Bike Attack Playa Vista or Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica) and talk to a legit bike mechanic about proper service and maintenance. Especially if you're doing it for the first time. They're happy to guide you and let you know all the right ways to maintain your bike at home and this way you'll only have to bring it in for major service issues. 
  6. Time for Lube  
    There's a time for lube and that's the night before your ride. Do NOT make a habit to lube your bike immediately before your ride. The lube needs time to settle in and dry overnight to make an optimal difference. 

  7. Ignoring Worn or Broken Parts
    Sure we get it, you want to get as much use out of your gear before you absolutely have to replace it, but you've got to think of your bike parts the same way you think about your car parts. Ignoring worn or broken parts put your safety and the safety of others on the road at IMMENSE risk. Not sure if there's wear and tear on your bike? Ride over to your local bike shop and ask. Asking is free, knowledge is power. Especially at Bike Attack, we'd love to talk shop with you, bring your bike. 

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