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Litespeed Bicycles


It Started With One Frame

It started with a guy who wanted a better bike than what he was riding in 1986. Leftover titanium tubes from a chemical job were used to make a frame. Frame after frame was made and in 1987 shown at the Long Beach bike show. Thus began the journey that would make Litespeed the go to authority on titanium bicycles. 

Just two short years later, Litespeed had gained some traction and was featured in Bicycle Guide's "Best of Cycling Awards" 1988. 

There are those in every sport who simply refuse to compromise. Unwilling to acknowledge limitation s in themselves or their equipment, they press ever forward, striving for ultimate performance. It is for that individual athlete that Litespeed Titanium was created. From exhaustively researched and proven frame geometruy to components that are all machined and milled to the most exacting standards in the bicycle industry, Litespeed Titanium is for the perfectionist. Litespeed Titanium is performance beyond any experience...it is precision beyond compare...it is The Ultimate. 





The Mars Rover, Curiosity

Litespeed collaborated with Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab to design and manufacture the rocker-bogie system for the Mars Rover, Curiosity. Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012 and is still helping us discover more about Mars' landscape. 



Titanium Technology. It's not just titanium. It's Litespeed Titanium.

Litespeed takes the highest quality titanium available and makes it better. While the competition settles for softer, more easily worked grades, we go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cold-worked, cycling-specific tubesets in the world.


Reactive Pressure Molding

Reactive Pressure Molding, or RPM, is an advanced molding method utilized during manufacture of Litespeed's newest composite frames. The three primary benefits of RPM are weight reduction, increased stiffness, and improved durability.

RPM allows to precisely control the internal structure and wall thickness of the carbon frame during manufacture. This advanced process allows designs elements far beyond what can be accomplished with conventional bladder molding. Unique features such as an all-carbon head tube, compatible with the most precise ZS style press fit headsets, as well the multitude of AeroLogic aerodynamic elements are incorporated without the need of solid, permanent components and unwanted filler materials. The result is higher performance with no weight penalty plus additional benefits of improved strength, impact resistance, and stiffness.

All Lightspeed Titanium bikes are hand made in the USA.



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Questions & Phone Orders

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