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Cyclocross — It's All About The Fun, The Pain and The Mud

Cyclocross — It's All About The Fun, The Pain and The Mud

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cyclocross racingWhat Are Cyclocross Bikes and What Makes Them Different?

Many younger riders are familiar with road bikes and mountain bikes and to them cyclocross bikes look very much like road bikes, so what the heck makes them different? Good Question. The short and sweet of it is that cyclocross bikes are built for on and off road racing, popularized in Europe, these bikes are a hybrid between road bikes and mountain bikes. Bikes like the Bianchi Cavaria utilize similar geometry to standard performance road bikes, but use stronger and tougher components. In many cases even the frames are stronger than their road bike counterparts.

Why do cyclocross bikes need to be stronger and tougher? Take a look at this video produced for a University of Oregon electronic media class to really get an idea of what cyclocross is all about — we hope this student got an A.

So, now you can see that bikes like the Litespeed CX, which at first glance, look like one mean road bike, but upon closer inspection you can see that there’s something a little different about this bike style. You notice the knobby tires, plenty of clearance around the fork — this is because these bikes are built for the mud. In fact, Cyclocross Magazine liked the Redline Conquest Carbon Team 2013 so much that in a review of the bike they referred to it as not just a cyclocross bike, but a “Super Bike.” This Redline bike is an all-carbon frame work of art, but don’t be afraid to get it dirty so you too can find out that it’s hard core — don’t worry it washes off nicely.

Here in the States most riders think of mountain bikes when they think of off-road, we hope your eyes have been opened to a whole new world of off-road racing bike.

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