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Bianchi Bicycles - The Ferrari of Bicycles

Bianchi Bicycles - The Ferrari of Bicycles

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Bianchi Bicycles: the definition of quality in a bicycle--from performance in racing and transportation to higher resale value, the Bianchi brand name is equivalent to style and quality.

Bianchi: The Ferrari of Bicycles

bianchi cavaria 2013Ferrari versus Kia

Do you want to drive a Ferrari or do you want to drive a Kia? Well, we all know the obvious answer to that question, but do all consumers know the answer to that same question in the bicycling world? Unless you’re an avid bicycle racer, you may not know what the Ferrari of bicycles really is—and we’re here to school you.

A European Secret: Bianchi is Best

While the Bianchi name, being that originates in Italy, is a household name within the European bicycling world, robust marketing efforts of competing bike brands in the United States may have the average American thinking that Bianchi Bicycles rate right alongside other major bike brands. This is simply not true. The history of Bianchi bikes, their unique technology and manufacturing process, and even their special color schemes set Bianchi bikes apart from the rest. They’ve been accurately called a “Pillar of Italian Cycling.”

Bianchi Bikes: An Italian Delicacy

Bianchi bicycles have a known past as being the oldest bicycle manufacturer in history that’s still manufacturing bikes to this day. Beginning in 1885, Bianchi is an Italian company that’s well-known on the European racing scene, and can be seen prominently featured in photographs of ‘40s and ‘50s Giro d’Italia races, as well as in photos from decades of Road Race World Championships, where the title was won by in 1973 by Felice Gimondi on a Bianchi. Bianchi has even created a special-edition bike model called the Oltre XR Gimondi 70, released in 2013 to celebrate the famous rider Gimondi’s 70th birthday, of which there will only be 70 created. Decade after decade of deepening fame and a commitment to increased bike quality as the industry changed has defined Bianchi as a leader in the bicycle manufacturing industry. Add to that their much-talked-about, signature color called Celeste, also known as “Bianchi green,” and you’ve got a line of (mostly) turquoise-colored bikes that stand out in a crowd—and in a race.

Bianchi Bicycle Manufacturing: Not Your Standard Production Line

In fact, Bianchi doesn’t even use a production line. Each bike is so highly valued for its quality and for its name that every individual bike manufactured by Bianchi is hand-assembled by the same two expert hands—from start to finish, from the frame up. Even before assembly, stringent laboratory testing of parts (such as the frames) is an integral part of the manufacturing process, in addition to rigorous after-assembly road testing. Even when making specific bikes for famous racers like Marco Pantani, Bianchi has the know-how and the technology to not only fit a frame to the measurements of the rider’s body, but also to make minor but crucial changes suggested by the rider, such as changing the frame angle’s geometry by a single degree to increase performance. When it comes to technology, Bianchi has made every consideration known to bicycling.

Bike Quality: Determined by Technology

Bicycle riders and consumers often wonder: what components of a bike make it have more “quality” than another? What defines quality in a bicycle? Well, let’s start with the frame, which the whole bike is built around and depends on. Bianchi’s use of “X-Tex” frame technology molds carbon strips into the head tube, thereby increasing the rigidity of the front of the frame, boosting the rate of acceleration, and enhancing the steering response. In addition, Bianchi also incorporates nanotechnology into the manufacturing of their famous frames in that tiny nano tubes are incorporated into the resin of the frame, resulting in increased frame stability and resistance that’s up to 50% stronger than frames without nano tubes.

If that’s not enough, Bianchi goes beyond just the frame to produce road bikes that offer: an optimal riding position for long-range comfort, a completely ergonomic design, reduced overall bike weight with increased performance and reduced rider fatigue, a unique geometry with a taller head tube for a more relaxed riding position, and a longer wheel base for added stability. The lifespan of Bianchi bikes is paramount to many other bike brands, causing them to not only have a better resale value than most bikes, but also a popularity with riders that encompasses the purposes of both racing and transportation.

bianchi super pista for saleAwesome—Now Where Do I Get One?

If you’re internet savvy, you can certainly take a look around online, or, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you’re in luck. Santa Monica’s Bianchi dealer, Bike Attack, is the main bike dealer within its territory that can sell you a real Bianchi. Otherwise you’d have to travel north to Thousand Oaks, south to Manhattan Beach, or inland. Considering that Bike Attack is located in spitting distance from the beach, is a just few short blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier, and is just a ten-minute bike ride to Venice Beach along the bike path, just visiting Bike Attack is worth its wealth in sightseeing and beach cruising. Plus, the expert Bike Attack owners can talk shop with you until you’re completely convinced of Bianchi’s superiority—that is—if you’re not convinced already.

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